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Illuminazione per piscine: la guida

Pool lighting: the guide (part 2)

Factors to Consider When Selecting LED Pool Lights

In the previous article, we talked about the numerous advantages of using LED lighting products, but there are really many products on the market with this technology. How to effectively choose an effective and efficient LED lighting source? There are several points you should consider, but the most important are:

1 – Type of LED light

The first thing to determine is the type of LED lighting you want in your pool. The choice is very vast. Our site provides you with an overview of the solutions available, otherwise you can browse our swimming pool catalog to see the full range of products. What is certain is that the result will surprise you.

2 – Resistance to water and chlorine

The choice, obviously, must fall on products resistant to water and chlorine. Products to be used underwater must have a degree of protection no lower than IP68. You should also check for chlorine resistance before purchasing LEDs for your pool, as exposure to chlorine can lead to corrosion. All our swimming pool products have these features. Not only that, you will be surprised to know that even the products from the FLEX range (therefore not rigid, but flexible) can easily be used underwater just as you can see on our website.

3 – Project

To obtain an extraordinary result from every point of view, things cannot be left to chance. The lighting of a swimming pool, precisely because of its great importance, deserves a careful design phase aimed not only at choosing the right products, but above all to obtain effective lighting, which reflects the customer’s tastes and, obviously, which make a beautiful visual effect. This translates into great savings: if well designed and well made, the lighting will also be long-lasting. Know that the shape of the pool is never a problem. Whether there are curves, straight lines, corners or edges, it is always possible to adequately illuminate your pool as we can produce to measure. With us the design service is always included. Find out more on our website.

4 – Color temperature

LEDs are available in different color temperatures. When choosing LEDs for your pool, you should choose warm or neutral shades. Bright, white colors can be too much for the pool and can be blinding in the dark. Neutral and warm shades, on the other hand, are welcoming and create a pleasant atmosphere. Obviously it is also possible to choose RGB solutions that can illuminate your pool and create fascinating color effects, also via smartphone apps.

5 – Power

The power of the LED determines its brightness. As you look for LEDs for a pool, keep in mind that when you submerge the light underwater, it is not as bright as on land. So, if you want the same level of brightness in the water, you will need to purchase LEDs with a higher wattage than those used on land.

Frequent questions

What is the best color temperature for a swimming pool?

LEDs rated with color temperatures around 3000K are best suited for a swimming pool. These lights are energy efficient, convenient and safe to use in swimming pools. Additionally, you can use a variety of LEDs in the pool to make it more eye-catching.

Are LED pool lights worth the money?

LED products, especially if well made, have a higher initial cost, but offer unbeatable durability and energy efficiency and all this translates into real savings for you. Consider that using low-end products in an expensive project such as a swimming pool could create exorbitant costs if they prove unreliable.

How many lights should you put in a swimming pool?

It depends on the size of the pool, its shape and the ambient light around the pool. A pool with stronger external lighting requires fewer internal LEDs than one without. Regardless of the shape, however, with adequate planning you will obtain an exceptional result.

What color light is best underwater?

LEDs with warm, neutral tones are ideal underwater. These colors are welcoming and less blinding than brighter white lights. Colored lights can also create beautiful effects.

Can old pool lights be replaced with LEDs?

Yes. It is still necessary to carry out some checks that allow you to obtain a better and lasting result. Even if some adjustments need to be made, this is not a problem. Our lighting solutions are 100% customizable, tailored to your pool.


LED products are the most practical and convenient solution for lighting swimming pools. This is not only from an energy point of view, but also in terms of light quality. Despite an initial cost that may seem higher, they offer unbeatable durability and energy efficiency. Additionally, LED lights produce less heat, preventing accidental injuries and unwanted heating of pool water. However, given the variety of products on the market, you should choose them based on the quality of the LED and the size of the pool to make the right choice. To make this choice, you can rely on us. We will be happy to help you in all decision-making phases, from design to installation.

LED ITALY produces high quality rigid and flexible LED strips. All our products are high technology and certified to guarantee the highest quality. Furthermore, all our products, such as strips and profiles for exteriors and interiors, are customizable and 100% Made in Italy.

So, for your swimming pool, and more, contact LED ITALY as soon as possible!

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