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Illuminazione per piscine: la guida

Swimming pool lighting: the guide (part 1)

Swimming pool lighting: the guide

The swimming pool is undoubtedly one of the most fascinating elements of a home. The freedom of being able to go for a swim whenever you want, organize a party with friends, cool off on hot summer days is something priceless.

However, when designing a swimming pool there is something that cannot be overlooked: if well lit, the swimming pool not only can be used at any time, but also creates an absolutely suggestive atmosphere in your garden. The right lighting can radically transform the appearance of a swimming pool!

If you were wondering how to light your pool, this guide is for you.

How is a swimming pool lit?

A swimming pool can be illuminated thanks to LED sources positioned underwater or along the edges of the swimming pool itself. There are no rules about it. We can help you design and customize the lighting of your swimming pool according to your needs and tastes, even if it is full of rounded shapes, differences in level, relaxation areas or hydromassage. Our products, in addition to being suitable for underwater use obviously, are completely tailor-made!

Types of lights most used for swimming pools

When it comes to choosing the right product to illuminate your pool, there are several possibilities. Depending on the product chosen there may be more or less advantages.

Halogen pool lights

In the past, halogen lights were the most used for swimming pools thanks to their brightness and decidedly economical cost. This made halogen lights suitable for pool use until a few years ago.
But with the advent of LED products, halogen lights have lost popularity. The unbeatable efficiency and durability of LED products have ensured their maximum diffusion in every context, especially for swimming pool lighting! It is true that the cost of LED products is slightly higher, but they consume 80% less energy and last at least 5 times longer than halogen lights.

Fiber optic pool lights

These lights use a flexible fiber, typically made of glass or plastic, known as fiber optics, to transmit light from one source to another area. It is one of the most practical forms of lighting, because in the event of a fault it is not necessary to enter the pool to replace the lighting fixture, as you can simply change the light source at the source to solve the problem. Furthermore, since it is not necessary to install lights inside the pool, it is not necessary to carry electrical cables nearby. You can also use smart lights, which offer more flexibility and allow you to adjust the color of the lights.

However, because the light has to travel a fair distance from the source, it is less bright. Additionally, the bulbs you have to use are less durable and cost more. You will have to replace them frequently, which can cost a lot.

Solar pool lights

Solar pool lights do not replace the other sources we have mentioned. You can use them together with other light sources to create a more captivating atmosphere. The best part about these lights is their energy consumption: no matter how many lights you use in your pool, it won’t increase the cost of your bill. Additionally, the market offers a variety of options for solar pool lights. You can choose different sizes, shapes and colors. The only disadvantage of solar pool lights is that the light is not constant.

LED pool lights: STRIP LED

All of the options we’ve talked about can be used to light a pool, but none are as practical as LED lights.

These lights are economical, energy efficient and offer extremely flexible solutions. Thanks to LEDs, lights of various shapes, sizes and colors can be designed. The effect on your pool will be guaranteed!

Furthermore, thanks to modern applications, you can illuminate the swimming pool with intelligent solutions, you can create sequences, designs, settings, and obviously colour, with a simple touch on your smartphone. This is usually done with products called STRIP LEDs.

They are literally strips of light made up of countless LEDs insulated by a waterproof resin (therefore suitable for use under or near water), and can be rigid (for example when a straight edge of the swimming pool is illuminated, or flexible, when they must illuminate curves, steps, or the edge of a non-rectangular swimming pool.

These products are custom built by LED ITALY, which means that it doesn’t matter what size your pool is, how wide it is, how deep it is or what shape it has.

We can light it exactly how you want.

Advantages of LED pool lights

Installing LEDs to illuminate the pool offers several advantages.

1- Efficiency

One of the main advantages of using LED lights is their energy consumption. Since swimming pool lighting usually stays on for a very long time (even all night) it is essential to adopt energy saving solutions, such as LED strips. Keep in mind that LEDs use approximately 40 watts to provide light equivalent to an incandescent bulb that uses 300-500 watts.

2- Duration

The adoption of LED lighting solutions is synonymous with durability. Changing the lighting of a swimming pool may not be easy, and it is certainly expensive, so it is necessary that the product chosen is a quality product, guaranteed over time and very reliable. Our LED products for swimming pools are all this, being guaranteed for many years, and having a lifespan of thousands of hours. For specific information, you need to analyze the individual product. In practice, once our LEDs have been installed in the pool, it is not necessary to worry about replacement for a long time.

3- Better quality

LED products are not only energy efficient; they also offer better light quality. You will not experience any flickering common with halogen light. Plus, unlike incandescent bulbs, LEDs turn on instantly at full power (depending on their configuration). All you have to do is touch a button or your smartphone and then enjoy your fully lit pool.

4- Variety

Usually there are no problems finding LED products to illuminate swimming pools of all types and shapes. However, all of this has limitations. Swimming pool builders often make customizations for the customer. Or the customer has very particular lighting needs that could make the search for the standard product rather complicated.

With LED ITALY this problem is overcome. In fact, as already highlighted, we directly produce the products you need (or your customer needs), the sizes you need and the type you need. This is our strong point.

Our product catalog is potentially infinite. Some of these lights can even show different colors alternately, creating a magical atmosphere for evenings by the pool.

Come back to see us! We will soon publish the second part of Swimming pool lighting: the guide.

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