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Led lighting in the streets can reduce accidents: is it true?

According to recent statistics, it would seem that adopting led street lighting is definitely safer than traditional lighting. We can say that a well-lit road can significantly decrease the percentage of collisions attributable to a lack of visibility. Circulating at night is dangerous and you need to be twice as careful to see every obstacle and have ready reflections, in this regard led lighting lends itself well.

What it means to adopt led lighting

When it comes to street lighting, current regulations stipulate a certain amount of light based on the type of path. This, must properly illuminate the roadway without dazzling motorists but offering a clear view of the situation ahead. Adopting LED technology means investing in the safety of not only drivers but also pedestrians, in fact, research conducted in Europe has shown that one-third of them are difficult to see and therefore accidents occur due to lack of light.

Likewise, studies have shown how the collision rate decreases by about 30 percent on a properly visible road. Staying with the statistics, they say that nighttime accidents decreased by about 45 percent after installing led solutions, all these data obviously indicate to us that this is a measure that protects all road users and makes every pathway passable even late at night.

Advantages in led lighting for roads

To answer the initial question then, we can say that yes, led lighting is an important prevention against road accidents. Among the various advantages of this efficient and high-performance technology, we certainly find a maximum visual quality, a fundamental parameter for clearly visualizing everything around you.

The goal of street lighting is to allow citizens to move around safely at all times, but in addition to this main function, LED lighting allows for important energy savings, in fact, consumption is 80% less and there is less maintenance to be sustained, plus it is fully modulable according to various needs.

In a world that is increasingly looking at eco-sustainability, LEDs are a perfect solution because in addition to consumption they also reduce carbon dioxide emissions and light pollution by lighting only where it is actually needed and without emitting radiation or excessive heat. So many very important aspects, from the green side to the optimization of operating costs and again, an excellent color rendering up to 4000K, to smoothly identify every obstacle at greater distances than traditional systems.

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