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Classy parks and outdoor spaces with the right light

LED lighting has developed a lot over the years and today it is one of the most popular systems due to its great advantages, first of all the considerable energy savings with a very good and long-lasting performance. The light can be modulated according to the needs, allowing you to customize any space both inside and outside. In addition to small gardens at home, LEDs are also perfect for public green areas, where they offer impeccable and high-class lighting.

LED lighting for green areas

Combining design and efficiency, led lighting for green areas is the best solution to welcome citizens and make them appreciate the city even more. This system is durable and as already mentioned, allows significant energy savings, not only that, it is versatile and allows you to play with different lights and create striking effects of great class. Installing LED products means taking care of a space and make it usable by all and safe at all times of day, especially in the dark hours.

Lighting for public parks consists of different solutions, but the most suitable ones are certainly the spotlights, available in many sizes, in particular those RGB have a light that changes color in many shades. It is controlled through an electronic control unit and can also be used underwater, consumes little and offers very high performance.

Illuminate every area of the city

Every public place, whether it’s part of a small town or a big city, deserves the right lighting and LED technology is definitely the one that lends itself best, especially where there are decorations and ornaments to highlight. From the most majestic architecture to small fountains, LEDs can be modulated to respect the landscape and enrich it with a touch of great class.

Particularly suitable for lighting for squares, the spotlights can be placed underwater and create incredible scenery, or along the paths to be illuminated without giving any discomfort because they do not heat. The very powerful light they emit makes them suitable also as a LED lighting system for parking lots, perhaps even in a smaller version to be embedded in the ground.

Ecological and environmentally friendly solution, LED technology provides a duration of more than 50,000 hours of light, this means that in addition to energy savings there is also economic because it is a system that lasts a long time against a minimum maintenance.

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